We Are CKG Solutions

CKG is a proven leader in providing secure and adaptive solutions in highly regulated environments. We are a multi-disciplinary team that relentlessly pursues perfection through constant evolutionary improvement. We strive to maximize our client’s potential without limiting possibilities for future growth. With an extensive portfolio of proprietary tools, we can rapidly create unique and unparalleled solutions that excel in any industry or global region.

Our Technology
CKG has developed a micro-services suite that allows for the rapid creation and delivery of web-based services. Since each service runs independently and can be endlessly scaled, the specifications of your web application will change to use any or more of the services to suit your needs. Some of the services currently in use by our customers are:
Manage processes through our execution and management workflow service
Create and execute Smart Contracts blockchains
Provide omni-channel automated or event-based messaging services via templates
Using corporate tools such as Microsoft Azure B2C User and Group Management software
Enable inline payment integration with multiple financial service providers at the same time
Build and handle protected documents dynamically in established formats such as PDFs with digital signatures
Publish dynamically firmware controls and computer code for applications such as inline serialisation with laser etching
Upload and retrieve files via secure online file storage including automatic publication to public and private blockchains
Manage and run web-based forums and boards of comments, including the ability to publish dynamic instances
Document event logs and reporting system information, including the ability to omni-publish to dynamic instances
In Microsoft ASP.Net Core, all applications support Docker containers and are capable of regional scaling and deployment. All of your confidential information is secured in collaboration with Microsoft Azure B2C services and meets all GDPR specifications and HIPAA requirements. Through using our micro-service model, we can easily link and support the data needs of your company through developing a custom framework that will link your applications to our CKG service suite.

Supply Chain
Through the use of our workflow and blockchain services, our technology stack has allowed us to quickly integrate third party systems with each other. Transactions can be registered in an immutable blockchain record, secured by our role-based authentication service.

Using our architecture for micro-services, we were able to incorporate AI analysis services into medical and dental practices. By developing advanced data collection micro-services, we are able to capture and analyze vast amounts of aggregated data to further educate the medical community about how to provide higher quality treatment.

In today's modern sport world it has become increasingly important to link fans and players through the use of technology. Through using our apps, we are able to reach an even greater audience through encouraging fans and players to collaborate and interactively engage with each other on their preferred platforms.

In addition to data exchange and the supply of aviation parts and components, CKG has extensive experience in the aviation industry offering media-based services for the distribution and production of Live TV and VOD content. Our stack of technology has helped us to adapt quickly to the ever-changing needs of the aviation industry.