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We Are CKG Solutions

CKG is a proven leader in providing secure and adaptive solutions in highly regulated environments. We are a multi-disciplinary team that relentlessly pursues perfection through constant evolutionary improvement. We strive to maximize our client’s potential without limiting possibilities for future growth. With an extensive portfolio of proprietary tools, such as Master Record©, Universal Data Controller©, and Dynamic Content Generator©, we can rapidly create unique and unparalleled solutions that excel in any industry or global region.

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Life Sciences
  • Business Development
  • Aviation
  • Process Optimization
  • Finance
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Multi-disciplinary teams give unique perspectives to complex problems. This unique perspective provides a deep understanding of historical and current practices creating the perfect foundation for innovative solutions

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Starting from a foundation of understanding we reverse engineer problems into a sustainable solution. The results are elegant, perfectly attuned to the needs of each user.

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Elegant design facilitates rapid development and delivery guiding each feedback loop to refine the process. The end result, holistic in its approach, adds value to each connected system across the entire business.

Strategic Planning

Hardware and connectivity agnostic solutions allow for greater freedom when planning for new markets or expanding opportunities.

Innovative Solutions

Flexible connections and user-driven experiences eliminate lengthy deployments and costly upgrades. This flexibility turns market constraints and regulations into unique opportunities rather than hinderances for growth.

Robust Experiences

Interfaces that can grow and change at the pace of technological demand without sacrificing reliability are pivotal to the long-term success of innovation.

Master Record

Whether controlling how a medical practitioner accesses product information relevant to their practice or providing content that ensures publishing rights are not violated by users, the Master Record assures that the right content gets to the right person at the right time.

Universal Data Controller

The UDC measures user credentials, system requirements, geolocation restraints, and compliance risks with every connection providing feature rich solutions perfectly attuned to the needs of each user.

Dynamic Content Generator

CKG’s Dynamic Content Generator offers a unique approach to content; connecting the wealth of information within every text field, image, video, or application to every user’s interaction with it.


Jonathan Sweetser

CEO, Owner

Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology industry.

Matthew Lankhorst

Director of Operations

Leads the team by turning executive vision into effective action.

Adam Sharpe

Principal Engineer

Coordinates and contributes to the development of complex applications ensuring that solutions meet our client's needs.

Sam Sevenich

Software Developer

Develops and modifies complex applications to provide solutions that meet our client’s needs.

Nathan Khan

Process Engineer

Executes the design and implementation of complex technological services while providing quality analysis.